Statement of NO Dividend

JEDA(Japan EOS Developer Association) which establish in Tokyo Japan 2018, found by the professor of Tokyo University, scholar, cryptocurrency exchange and block-chain related agency. Committed to supporting and building the ecological system of EOS in Japan. Assist DAPP project development and provide other EOS-based services. JEDA has already participated in the election of the EOS Block Producer. We hope to get the vote support from EOS holders and jointly promote the ecological construction of EOS with fellow global enthusiast.

JEDA will provide the below support:

Promote preferential use of resources.
Meet up and off-line event priority participate rights.
DAPP application priority trial rights.
Other rights of knowing EOS construction plan in advance.

We have to point out that JEDA is NPO(Non-Profit Organization), we can NOT provide any form of dividend or equity incentive for supporters. So we hope our member and supporter can purely make the connection to each other with NO profit interest. We sincerely appreciate for the your long-term supporting. Thank you very much.


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