JEDA community roadmap

–Our values–

1.EOS Promoting EOS in Japan region

We will regularly hold online/offline and other format of event, to promoting the acknowledge of EOS and using the resource to push EOS listing on Japan Cryptocurrency Exchange.

2.Assistant for DAPP Project

We JEDA has the independent office and road show space that can provide and support the project to holding meet up or office rental or project incubation assistance with the ability to match the propaganda channels.

3.Support the DAPP Personal Developer

Regularly hold the technical seminar in Japan region, provide the system, low cost technical training and consulting as possible as we can.

4.Improve DAPP Development Incentive System

To increase the passion of DAPP development, we will provide financial aid for the developer. Holding the developing competition and give the reward to the excellent developer. We promise that we will ensure the rewards are open, transparent and non-profit.

–Our Plan–

Community Project Plan


2018 Q2 (On-going)
  1. Accomplished legal qualifications related to the registration and certification of Japan EOS Developer Association. (Done)
  2. Accomplished the renovation of office space.

    (Tokyo Kayabacho Office)
  3. Accomplish renovation of the off-line club, road show field.

  4. Held the VERY 1st EOS meet up in Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan(DONE)

    (EOS Japan Meet Up)
2018 Q3
  1. EOS related tools, start EOS wallet project.
  2. Established JEDA developer club, regularly hold the training and sharing event. (Has been held in advance)

    (JEDA introduce the EOS beginner level develop in training event )
  3. Recruit more members to support the development of EOS tools and wallet projects.
  4. Server upgrade.
2018 Q4

Continuously provide the support and service for DAPP developer community in Japan. Holding the EOS developer meet up. Promote the listing of EOS on the Japan licensed Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

Financial Plan

  • DAPP support 35%
  • Developer training, technical support 20%
  • BP server and related network service cost 25%
  • AD promoting 15%
  • Others 5%


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